A Veterinary Technician Is a Skilled Nurse For Pets

We are always pleased when a client tells us that they really like and appreciate Dr. Montor and Dr. Kelley. Behind the scenes, they enlist the help of a talented group of pet nurses, which are normally called technicians, in the veterinary field. These technicians perform many of of the same procedures as nurses working in the human medical field. Our technicians assist our doctors with surgeries and on their own do dental cleanings, lab work, take x-rays, place IV catheters, and a list of other services too lengthy to list here. 

While many veterinary technicians have been trained exclusively on the job (with proper supervision) over many years, others have additionally attended multi year college programs. In all cases, veterinary technicians, just like human nurses, are the backbone of the veterinary medical team. They are instrumental to Dr. Montor and Dr. Kelley in helping you to keep your pet happy and healthy.


Dr. Stephanie Montor

Medical Director

Dr. Montor is the Medical Director of 4th Street Pet Hospital. She has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Animal Sciences and is a 1993 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical School. She previously owned a small animal veterinary practice with her husband, Keith, in South Carolina, and has worked with practices in California and Florida.

She believes strongly in taking time to get to know her patients and pet parents. She encourages you to ask lots of questions concerning you pet’s health and well-being. In her free time she enjoys reading, running, and traveling.

Married for 29 years, she and her husband have three cats named Dickens, Kate, and Cooper. She lives in the Crescent Heights neighborhood of St. Petersburg, and looks forward to meeting you and your pets

Keith Montor

Managing Partner and Hospital Administrator

Keith is the Managing Partner and Hospital Administrator of 4th Street Pet Hospital. With 12 years experience managing veterinary hospitals in South Carolina, California and Florida, he understands that pet parents are looking for compassionate and courteous service from our team members. He is on site 6 days a week to ensure that our hospital continually works to earn your trust.

Most recently he managed a staff of 40 at the Veterinary Emergency Care Center in Largo.

Keith is available full time to answer any questions you may have regarding your experience at our hospital. In his free time he enjoys constructing boats, furniture making, playing music and traveling.

Dr. Kevin Kelley

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Kelley is an associate veterinarian for 4th St. Pet Hospital.  He received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2003 from Kansas State University and his undergraduate studies at University of Florida.  He has a strong background in exotics, zoo and wildlife medicine, and has worked with animals ranging from killer whales and elephants to pocket pets, in zoos in Australia, Chicago and California.

He worked for 10 years in emergency medicine at many of the Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough County emergency animal hospitals.    Serving as a Senior Emergency Clinician for Bluepearl Veterinary Partners in Tampa, Clearwater and Brandon most recently.  During that time he also ran his own Veterinary Relief Practice, including working with us at 4th St. Pet Hospital for the last 3 years, before coming onboard full-time as part of our family.

He has a patient wife, three amazing human children, and Kodiak his 16 year old Swedish Elkhound “Fuzzy First Born”.  His spare time is usually spent on adventures with them, including black belt studies in martial arts, jogging, and home-schooling with his amazing wife and kids.

In meeting a client his highest priorities are minimizing stress to patients, educating owners so we can partner in the care of their fuzzy kids, surgery and complicated internal medicine puzzles.

Theresa Dunlay

Practice Manager and Supervisor of Technicians

Theresa has 4 years of experience in veterinary medicine and is currently enrolled in a Bachelors program in Business. She works to create a medical environment that will reduce the stress that often accompanies being a Pet Parent. Additionally, she is responsible for the design of many of our in hospital systems that help to make a pet’s visit or stay, more comfortable.

As our Supervisor of Technicians, she is responsible for teaching and leading our team of veterinary nurses. In her free time she enjoys going to the beach, longboarding, movies, and spending time with her family. She has two dogs and four cats that she cares for at home.

Becca Mowery

Front Office Manager

Becca began working for 4th Street Pet Hospital while in high school, and through lots of dedication and hard work, has become our Front Office Manager. She supervises and trains our other receptionists and successfully runs the client services department of our hospital. In her off hours, she stays very busy as she is additionally a student at St. Petersburg College.

She enjoys going to the beach and concerts with her friends and family, and has even gone skydiving. She is a parent to two wonderful pets and always has a smile for our client’s four legged children.

Shannon Waters

Technician-Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology

Shannon is a Veterinary Technician here at 4th Street Pet Hospital and has been with us since 2013. Starting out in veterinary medicine in 2007, Shannon has great passion for pet care and client education. She completed her Associate of Science degree at the St. Petersburg College of Veterinary Technology Program in May 2015, and plans on taking her state board test to become a Certified Veterinary Technician this December.

She has 2 pugs and 2 tuxedo cats that she shares her home with. In addition to caring for your pets, Shannon is also beginning the journey of being a parent, as she and her husband have recently celebrated the joy of their first child.

Kait Branath

Technician-Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology

Kait has been a Veterinary Technician at 4th Street Pet Hospital since March 2016. She graduated from SUNY Ulster, located in New York, with an Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology in January 2015 and became a Licensed Veterinary Technician in April 2015. Kait loves animals of every species and strives to ensure that all pets get the highest level of care.

In her spare time, Kait loves going to the beach, reading, and traveling. She also loves being a pet parent to her 3 sweet dogs and 1 mischievous kitten.

Lindsey Germann

Certified Veterinary Assistant

Lindsey is a certified veterinary assistant and has worked in the veterinary field for 2 years.  She also has experience in pet grooming .  Lindsey is currently working as a veterinary assistant while training to be a technician. She has been with us since June of 2015 and is enrolled at St Petersburg College, working towards her Bachelors in Business degree.

Boots - Hospital Cat

Boots was brought to us by an employee who found him as a stray, and couldn’t leave him behind! He was placed in a home but sadly it did not work out. He was returned to us and he captured our hearts. We decided to keep him with us, and make the hospital his forever home. Boots enjoys climbing on top of tall cabinets, playing with cat nip, and entertaining our clients.

Twigg - Hospital Cat

Twigg came to us after having been found up in a tree for three days. At first, Boots was very suspicious of Twigg as he had become used to having the entire hospital to himself. After a few months, they became good buddies, although Twigg still loves to attack him in play, and then run under things that he is too large to fit under.