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Over the last few years, all of us have become used to purchasing more and more products from Internet stores. Recently, I was was looking for some new tools for a furniture building project I was undertaking, and assumed I would be able to purchase these items on-line, and at a lower price than through a local store. As I searched the internet, I found that most of the on-line stores had about the same price for the same item, and really didn’t seem to be competing against each other for my business. I then searched Ebay, and in many cases, actually found the same item listed for more than the on-line stores. What was going on, I wondered; certainly the Internet was the best place to find the best prices. A few days later, one of our veterinary clients called for a price on “Trifexis”, a combination tablet that kills fleas and prevents Heart Worm disease. She said that she was on a really tight budget, and although she assumed a popular pet pharmacy would have a cheaper price for Trifexis, she thought she would “just check” our price. When I gave her our price, which was lower than this on-line store, she wondered how we could compete with the big pet pharmacies that advertise on TV. My answer was that we needed to set our price for Trifexis as low or lower, in order to “keep the business in house”. With this experience in mind, I visited the local tool store in our area, and asked them if they could match the Internet price that I had seen for one of the tools I was interested in. I was very pleasantly surprised when they quoted a price that was actually lower than what I had seen on line. They were “trying to keep the business in the community”, and would be there to answer any of my questions when I started to actually work with this tool. Remember, your local veterinarian, tool store, etc. will often have the same or even a lower price, and more personal service than the on-line giants! Check out our Trifexis prices, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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