“Pocket Pet” Care in St. Petersburg, Florida

As St. Petersburg’s leading veterinary clinic and hospital, 4th Street Pet Hospital has proudly offered comprehensive healthcare services for your canine and feline companions for years. We are thrilled to announce our expansion to now also cater to the needs of “pocket pets” – your beloved small pets such as guinea pigs, hamsters, hedgehogs, mice, rats, gerbils, chinchillas, and sugar gliders!

Pocket Pet Care Services

Understanding that pocket pets require specialized care, we offer tailored services to meet the unique needs of each species. Our services range from routine wellness checks to specific dietary guidance, ensuring your pocket pet thrives in your loving care.

  1. Wellness Exams: All pocket pets should receive an annual exam to ensure optimal health. Depending on the species, more frequent visits might be recommended. For example, hamsters should have check-ups two to three times per year, and rats and guinea pigs may require more visits due to their susceptibility to dental issues. 
  2. Nutritional Guidance: Our veterinary team is well-versed in the specific dietary needs of various pocket pets. From vitamin C supplements for guinea pigs to a balanced diet of produce and insects for sugar gliders, we offer advice tailored to each pet’s needs.
  3. Surgery Services: We also provide spaying and neutering services for some pocket pets, such as guinea pigs and chinchillas, along with other essential surgical procedures.
  4. Emergency Care: Given their smaller size and shorter life expectancy, pocket pets can quickly become critically ill. We offer prompt and expert emergency care services for your pet’s urgent needs.
  5. Habitat Advice and More: We understand that a happy pet requires more than just regular veterinary care and a balanced diet. That’s why our team is ready to help answer all your questions about the right type of habitat, exercise needs, and the amount of interaction your pocket pet needs. We can advise on everything from selecting the right cage size to understanding the sleep patterns of your pet.

Choose 4th Street Pet Hospital for Pocket Pet Care

We’re committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive, and quality healthcare for your dogs, cats, and now, pocket pets! Our team of experts is passionate about enhancing the life of your pets through preventative care, nutritional support, and prompt medical intervention when needed. Contact us today at 727-289-7190 to schedule your pocket pet’s appointment, and welcome to our 4th Street Pet Hospital family!