Senior Pet Care

Pets are considered “seniors” at around 7 years of age, and they age at a rate much faster than humans. Just like people, an animal’s diet, exercise, and health change as they age, and your pets’ visits to the veterinarian are just as important as your trips to your doctor!

The veterinarians at 4th Street Pet Hospital cannot stress enough the importance of regular examinations for your pet, as they can help detect medical problems, helping discern between “normal” aging and a medical problem. More often than humans, however, problems go unnoticed until it has become serious.

Whether you have a younger pet and you need to establish a primary care veterinarian, or you have a senior pet, we recommend regular wellness examinations, bloodwork, and other routine diagnostic testing to evaluate changes to your pet’s health. A senior pet examination will allow our veterinarians to make recommendations and encourage you to be involved and aware of the changes to your pet’s health.

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